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#SharpLightReporting is a reporting system for .Net developers, based on open source SpreadsheetLight excel/spreadsheet automation system. Also available as a Nuget package

#SharpLightReporting is a layer above SpreadsheetLight which enables users to create a reporting template in excel or any open source office automation system which supports .xlsx file extentions.

#SharpLightReporting defines tags which are added in excel report template as place holders and a processing engine which processes these tags and generates a final report in excel 2007 or above format. This system dose not requires any expensive report editors. All one needs is an office automation system which can work with .xlsx file types e.g. MS Office 2007 + above or LibreOffice Calc etc.

#SharpLightReporting can be bound to any data source given that the user(developer) creates a wrapper object/model around the data source through a .net class. 

#SharpLightReporting is a simpler system when compared to similar commercial software as it is quick to get started with and removes all unnecessary bull shit.

#SharpLightReporting License : It comes with MIT License. You are no longer required to make the mandatory donation.  Although, I request everybody, who finds this software useful, to make a donation which starts right from USD 5 which is very less when compared to similar commercial tools.

Please support this software by making fair amount of donations.  


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